Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sydney Fastival

I love decorating our house with preloved or handmade treasures. So when I found these posters yesterday in our little Engadine arcade I just had to have them.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Please stop telling me to seize the day.

Here is an extract from that I can totally relate to. And it's OK.

Anyway. Clearly, Carpe Diem doesn’t work for me. I can’t even carpe fifteen minutes in a row, so a whole diem is out of the question.

Here’s what does work for me:

There are two different types of time. Chronos time is what we live in. It’s regular time, it’s one minute at a time, it’s staring down the clock till bedtime time, it’s ten excruciating minutes in the Target line time, it’s four screaming minutes in time out time, it’s two hours till daddy gets home time. Chronos is the hard, slow passing time we parents often live in.

Then there’s Kairos time. Kairos is God’s time. It’s time outside of time. It’s metaphysical time. Kairos is those magical moments in which time stands still. I have a few of those moments each day, and I cherish them.

Birthday Party Preparations: Food

Food.. yummmy food. Well since I won't have time to cook and bake for hours on end I need simple ideas. I think I will go with these two:

Update... this is how it all turned out:

Birthday Party Preparations: Invitations

Well the preparations for the first birthday have well and truly commenced. I prepared a template for the invitations inspired by the lovelydesigns blog.

Friday, January 20, 2012

New Year Resolutions

Every year.. and I mean EVERY year I try to come up with a list of resolutions. Even though I am a patient and quite a perseverant person I almost never stick to them. Hopefully starting this blog will be an exception.

I want to write about Ronia and Zwi. I want to bottle up all our precious moments and treasure them. Forever.

I want to get inspired. Become a better mum. So wish me luck!