Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Guess how much I love you

Ronia waves to every single person we meet on the street.

Zwi always picks up two bottles and makes sure to give one to Ronia when he is thirsty.

Ronia tries to give a Zwi a toy if she wants to convince him to give one he is playing with (rather than just trying to snatch it).

Zwi tries to always get two toys (like a pencil or a rubber band) and give one to Ronia if we are at a playgroup.

They both bring books for me to read and sit on my lap many, many, many times a day.

When they get very tired they bring their sleeping bags and ask to be put to sleep.

They both ask to turn on the music so they can dance.


Slonenok said...

Aww... It's good to have two!

leopuppy04 said...

That's gorgeous! Zwi sounds like he really looks after his sister, just as she does him :)). Beautiful :)