Saturday, December 08, 2012

Christmas Traditions

I am trying to establish our own Christmas traditions. Let's face it Christmas in Australia is pretty miserable for anyone coming from the northern hemisphere. Real Christmas is cold, gloomy, mysterious, snowy and windy outside, and warm and cosy inside.

I really hope in the future Zwi and Ronia will be able to experience real Christmas. In the mean time I want to come up with some traditions so cheer me us up!

Here are some ides:

  • putting on our favorite Christmas music and decorating the tree with my closest friends and family
  • in the week before Christmas bedtime story each night is a Christmas related one
  • everybody makes a new ornament each year for the tree (we have done this this year, I will post some pics later)
  • getting together with friends and family to spend one afternoon building and decorating gingerbread houses
  • wrapping the gifts in butchers paper that we decorate ourselves
  • trying to give handmade gifts only unless somone really dreams of something specific
  • bringing all of our blankets and pillows out to the couch, making popcorn and hot cocoa and watching some of the classic Christmas movies
  • cherries for breakfast Christmas morning
  • walking around the neighbourhood looking at Christmas lights all bundled up in the car with hot chocolate
Friends and family across the world, we have a favour to ask you. Could you send us some traditional (to where you are) Christmas tree ornaments and/or join our tradition and make some ornaments yourself! Our Christmas tree is pretty bare right now.

Thank you

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