Friday, March 22, 2013

First Birthday Invitation

Zwi and Ronia received their first birthday invitation. And I don't mean I was invited to my friend's kid's birthday party. Annabelle invited Ronia and Zwi to her party.

Annabelle is a little girl who they play with whenever we go to the park down the road. She lives next door to the park and always runs out whenever she sees Zwi and Ronia. Annabelle loves to eat so she always brings a snack with her (very much like Alceste from the Nicolas books). And let's face it my premade tray with carrots, broccoli and apples fades compared to Annabelle's cakes and choc chip cookies. So she feeds them and they absolutely love it. But it's not all they do. They climb, go on the swings, go down the slide, refill their water bottles with the water from the water fountain, ride bicycles or scooters. They absolutely adore Annabelle and Annabelle loves them.

Happy 8th birthday Annabelle!

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